Presetting Systems

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Presetting Systems Interfaces Software Product

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Presetting Systems
The right tool data for your presetting

The interface TDM presetting systems supports the provision of nominal data and measuring program parameters for various presetting systems. The nominal data of the tools to be measured are available directly in the setting system. The measured actual data are transmitted to TDM again.


  • Transfer of tool parameters for tool assemblies (nominal data) from TDM to the presetting device
  • Transfer of the data about the tool holders from TDM to the presetting device
  • Re-transfer of actual measured data to TDM by tool or for all tools on a tool list
  • The interface enables correct tool preparation and the measurement of the tools within the specified tolerances
  • The systems communicate via direct database communication
  • The measured actual tool data is stored in TDM and is available for the manufacturing process
  • Retransfer of the tools planned in the NC program in the form of tool lists to TDM (basis for tool provisioning)
  • Provision of tool lists in the NC program, to perform functions such as programming part families with standardized tools for optimized setup


Boost productivity
Tool planning from start to finish, from NC programming to machining.

Time savings
Save time thanks to available nominal tool data.

Optimized processes
Reduction of machine downtimes and preventing damage through electronic generation of the machine-specific tool offsets based on the actual tool data (option).

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