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TDMshopcontrol Software for Shopfloor Management Software Product TDMshopcontrol Software for Shopfloor Management Software Product TDMshopcontrol Software for Shopfloor Management Software Product TDMshopcontrol Software for Shopfloor Management Software Product

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The software for transparent tool circulation

TDMshopcontrol monitors the entire tool circulation from requirements planning through tool assembly, presetting, tool use at the machine all the way to disassembly. The tool requirements are calculated for each production order, taking the machine stock into account. The exact tools you need are available, right when you need them. Missing or incorrectly preset tools are a thing of the past. This lowers the tool-related machine downtimes to a minimum. Needless logistics effort and expense are also eliminated, along with excess tool disassembly. Your tool preparation process becomes more efficient, your production processes are safer and more accurate and your machines do what they're supposed to: produce!

  • Creating and managing production orders (also possible via ERP interface)
  • Calculating the total tool requirements (gross):
    - For all tools listed in the production order
    - Relative to the lot size of the order, taking into account the elapsed tool life as well as the time the tools will be used
  • Calculation of the tool requirements (net):
    - Comparison of the tool requirements/order and tool inventory at the machine
    - Result is output as a picking order for tool provisioning
    - Timely availability check of the tools (in combination with the TDM Tool Crib Module)
  • Optimum tool provisioning:
    - Determining the tools that still have to be installed or adjusted by
    - providing stock withdrawal and installation lists
    - Ideally, the presetting systems are also connected to TDM for exchanging nominal and actual data
  • Organization of machine loading and unloading processes:
    - Reconciliation of tool removal with pending production orders
    - Fast, efficient setup times through optimal preparation and lists for organizing disassembly
    - TDMshopcontrol can show, at any time, an overview of the tool inventory at the machines/cost centers in
       combination with the status of the production order


Optimized processes
Minimized tool preparation through the calculation of the tool requirements/order by creating difference lists as well as loading and unloading lists.

Cost savings
Increased tool profitability through reliable tool requirements planning, optimum tool use and seamless monitoring of the tool use.

Time savings
Reduction of time spent on order picking: removal from stock, assembling, and presetting of the tools.

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